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Shojin is an FCA-regulated fractional investing platform enabling global investors to build their wealth from UK-based real estate investment opportunities.
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Shojin exits mezzanine investors with £1.6m return

Over £1.13m was raised as the mezzanine facility which returned £462,000 in interest to the investors - reflecting a return of up to 17% per annum. This comes as Shojin also recently closed the first £3m tranche of its Series A funding and launched the second tranche to help fund its major global expansion plans. 
“This is yet another example of the strong returns we are offering to our investors. The fact that we can be a part of such an exciting and growing community is a testament to not only the team at Shojin, but all the partners we work with. As a business, we’re at an important inflection point within the real estate investment space. Having made our first investment outside of the UK and with substantial resources in place, we’re ready to continue with our global expansion plans,” said Jatin Ondhia, CEO of Shojin.

The Esplanade development in Southend-on-Sea was recently granted city status in tribute to Sir David Amess MP, and is home to the longest leisure pier in the world. It comprises the construction of 51 residential units and three ground floor commercial units with associated underground parking. As with many coastal towns and cities in the UK, Southend-on-Sea is going through a significant regeneration, boosted by the resurgence of a sea-side living. Its close proximity to London has also made the location more desirable. 

Shojin operates in the online real estate investment market forecast to grow from $15bn in 2021 to $800bn by 2027. The company was created to make investing into mid-market property developments simple and affordable through co-investment while providing developers with a consistent and trusted source of junior finance. Typically, such institutional-grade property deals are only accessible to the top 1% of the world’s population, who control 45% of global wealth. Shojin enables intelligent investors from over 40 countries to access this market from as little as £5,000.
This marks the 12th project exit for Shojin and their investors, with more than £41m now raised from previous projects and over £6m currently being funded.

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