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Our company
Shojin is an FCA-regulated fractional investing platform enabling global investors to build their wealth from UK-based real estate investment opportunities.

Borrow - Why us

Next level funding.

We support borrowers at every step of the journey, from acquisition through to development and exit.

Tailored funding

We specialise in funding mid-market opportunities

We support UK based developers who operate within the living sector and undertake schemes ranging between £10m - £70m in value. Due to the level of capital requirements in this part of the market, junior finance is often required to take on new opportunities as equity is locked in existing assets.


Despite this, junior finance is not readily available when undertaking schemes of this size. We're here to change that and provide simple, accessible solutions that enable you to scale.


Shojin can lend up to 80% LTGDV or 97% LTC, and can assist with releasing existing equity or funding new schemes.


We support professional developers with a proven track record within the mid-market space. Junior finance is often required to expand by increasing the size or number of schemes undertaken.
Residential focus
We focus on unlocking value within the living sectors. Our specialisms include Residential, PRS, PBSA, Retirement and Assisted Living. Other use classes are supported on a case by case basis.
Creative solutions
We have an innate understanding of the market which allows us to think outside the box and stay receptive to new ideas.
Get up to 97% funding
When combined with senior debt, we can fund up to 97% of project costs, allowing you focus on scaling or taking on larger schemes.
Built on partnerships
We partner with you throughout the project lifecycle to tackle any challenges that may arise and enable a successful delivery.
In-house expertise
Starting as developers ourselves, we have the in-house skill set and financial expertise to help build the perfect partnership.
Proven track record
Since inception, we have provided £70m of junior finance supporting £615m of development value.