Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 minutes to learn more.
Our company
Shojin is an FCA-regulated fractional investing platform enabling global investors to build their wealth from UK-based real estate investment opportunities.

Who is Shojin for - Family offices

Access lucrative real estate opportunities

Shojin work with family offices to provide access to lucrative investment opportunities

Bespoke opportunities

New frontiers

Mid-market real estate projects are under served by traditional financial institutions, leading to superior returns on a risk adjusted basis. Shojin can be your trusted partner in accessing this market. 



Your investment partners

We work with you to access and structure investment opportunities. 

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Shojin works with experienced asset managers and developers to bring fully vetted and lucrative property deals to investors.
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Access to quality deal flow
The biggest obstacle for family offices and HNW investors is finding reputable projects to invest in. Shojin works with a network of brokers and industry partners to identify suitable opportunities, saving investors considerable time and compensating for their lack of sector expertise.
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We carry out full due diligence on each deal and align our interests with those of investors by co-investing alongside them, overseeing the projects and sharing profits at the end.
High risk / High return
Medium risk / Medium return
Low risk / Low return


High risk / returns

Development equity is typically structured as a loan which entitles you to share in the profits of a project.

  • Secured by underlying asset
  • Medium to high risk
  • High returns


Medium risk / returns

Investments with fixed returns secured by an asset. Used to raise capital without giving up equity.

  • Secured 2nd charge
  • Medium risk
  • Medium returns


Low risk / returns

Borrowed money that needs to be repaid first when any distributions are made. Lender holds a “first charge”.

  • Secured 1st charge
  • Low risk
  • Low returns

Managing your investments

Project monitoring

After completing the funding for each deal, Shojin monitor each project in detail and provide investors with quarterly updates. 
2. Project kick-off
Attendance at construction team meetings once the work begins
3. Site monitoring
Regular site visits to ensure the work is on track and on time
4. Financial tracking
Measure expected versus actual cash flow on a monthly basis

Our team of experts

Get in touch to discuss bespoke opportunities

Our family office services are headed up by our CEO, Jatin Ondhia. Jatin regularly attends international events and liaises with our teams in East Africa and Hong Kong.

Jatin Ondhia
Igor Gorbasevich
Head of Digital
Tahleel Khan
Investment Management

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Our London office

Our headquarters is located at: 

99 Bishopsgate

London EC2M 3XD


Go further with Shojin

More opportunity
We make investing in real estate more accessible by reducing entry barriers and having lower minimum investment amounts.
Shared risk
Shojin invests funds into every project. We share in the risk and rewards together.
We use our expertise at every stage of the investment process from initial due diligence to successful exit. Our regular updates ensure you're never out of the loop.
We have a track record of superior returns. Gain exposure to an alternative asset class as part of a diversified portfolio and build your wealth.