Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 minutes to learn more.
Our company
Shojin is an FCA-regulated fractional investing platform enabling global investors to build their wealth from UK-based real estate investment opportunities.

Who is Shojin for - Individuals

Invest with Shojin

Join individuals from around the world who want to invest in property in the UK. 

A new way to invest

Our mission is to make property investing accessible to more people. The Shojin platform allows individuals to invest in mid-market development projects on a fractionalised basis. The lucrative returns we offer were previously only available to institutions and high net worth investors. 



You're in control

Start investing online

Our digital platform lets you invest directly in real assets, receive regular updates on your investments and build a diversified portfolio.

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Register online and complete onboarding
Our FCA-regulated platform requires you to complete certain steps so that we know our investment opportunities are right for you. These include an appropriateness test and identity checks.
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Browse opportunities and invest
We find and share profitable opportunities that have previously been unavailable to mainstream investors. Choose the project that is right for you based on expected returns, risk profile and timeframe.
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Stay updated and grow your portfolio
We provide regular updates on all our projects and manage every deal in the interest of investors. Through the Shojin platform you can keep track of your portfolio and contact our Investor Relations team.

Ways to invest

Efficient investing

Depending on your circumstances, you can choose one of three ways to invest.
Bank transfer
Transfer funds from any bank account and allocate to the projects that are right for you
Invest through our innovative finance ISA (UK residents only) and receive tax-free returns
We cater for both SIPP and SSAS pension products; take control of your financial future


Frequently asked questions about Shojin and property investment platforms

What is the minimum investment amount? caret-down-light
The minimum you can invest in any single project is £5,000
What is the length of an investement? caret-down-light
The typical project length ranges from 12-36 months. Timescales will vary from project to project, details and breakdowns of projects phases are always included in the project memorandum. As soon as a project is completed capital and profits are returned to your Shojin wallet.
Can I get my investment back at any time? caret-down-light
Your capital and any profit will be due back to you when the project has been completed and your money cannot be withdrawn until then. If you wish to exit a project early, you are able to list your investment on the secondary market to find a potential buyer and agree a suitable price.
When will my investment start earning returns? caret-down-light
Investments typically start earning returns once invested funds are drawn down to the developer for the project to begin. Therefore investments made before the drawdown date start accruing interest on the drawdown date, whilst those made after the drawdown date start accruing interest as soon as funds arrive and investment registered.
Is Shojin regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)? caret-down-light
Yes, Shojin Financial Services Limited (trading as Shojin Property Partners) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN: 716765).
What other investors are saying about Shojin.
"Shojin is a trusted property investment platform you want to invest in. I have personally invested in a few of Shojin's projects over the years and am really impressed. "
Nina Norton
Private investor, UK
"I have several investments with the company and am confident this will continue. A great opportunity to expand your investment diversity. Competent, reliable and engaging staff. Transparency and thoroughness of information."
Tom Pellew
Private investor, UK
"The investing process with Shojin was easy, and the staff I dealt with were quick to repond to any queries I had regarding my investment. I will hold my investments and continue to invest via Shojin in the future."
Heather O'Toole
Private investor, New Zealand
"Shojin is a great entry level for alternative investment. The returns are very good and I like the diversification, especially considering the global economic situation."
Ray Ng
Private investor, Hong Kong
"Shojin is a new and easy way to enter the global property market. It's a gateway to making good money from my investments, quickly. I recommend Shojin to all my friends."
Calvin Yau
Private investor, Hong Kong