Whatever your preferences in terms of risks, returns and timelines, we have a wide range of property investment products for you. Continue to grow your diversified portfolio through the Shojin Investor Platform. Using our platform, you can access information about your investment at any time, secure in the knowledge that your portfolio is being managed by experienced professionals.

Development Equity

Are you comfortable with timescales between 12 and 36 months, secured by an underlying asset, with capital and interest paid on completion of a development? Shojin’s development equity products may be ideal for you.

Development equity is typically structured as a loan which sits below the senior bank debt in the funding structure and entitles you to share in the profits of a project. They are used by property developers who may or may not already have planning permission for a project. These are among our riskier opportunities but as such include profit share and the potential for higher returns.

Mezzanine Loans

If you prefer investments with fixed returns which are secured by an underlying asset within longer timescales between 12 and 36 months, then Shojin’s mezzanine loan products may suit you.

Mezzanine loans are generally used by property developers who need additional capital for a construction or development project, but do not want to give away their equity and are happy to take a lower position in the funding structure. The loans typically last throughout the project and for up to 36 months. They are secured by a second charge against the property which will rank behind the senior bank’s charge.

Asset Investments

Our range of asset investment products enable you effectively to become a landlord without the hassle. You can choose from regular rental income and/or capital growth – depending on your preference for timescales and risk, enabling you to diversify your portfolio across multiple properties.

These products are ideal for those who have previously been attracted to traditional buy-to-let investments but who wish to avoid the growing complexity in this area.

Traditional buy-to-let investments are typically very hands-on, as an individual has to purchase a property and then take care of all the management, but our asset investment products allow investors to tap into the same property opportunities without the hassle.

Whether it is regular income or capital gains that you are looking for, Shojin enables you to diversify your portfolio, without having to deal with all the time-consuming administration, tax and regulatory complications that come with traditional buy-to-let opportunities.

Bridge Loans

Do you prefer fixed returns which are secured by an underlying asset within shorter timescales? If so, Shojin’s bridge loan products may be ideal for you. They typically run for three to 12 months and are used to provide an interim funding solution for property developers to accomplish strategic near-term objectives before the main line of finance is put in place. They are secured by a first charge on the property.

Lifestyle Corporate Bonds

If you prefer the certainty of fixed returns, our lifestyle corporate bond may suit you. By doing so, you invest in Shojin at company level and can choose from various options, including monthly or annual income and short or longer loan terms. Lifestyle corporate bond investments are perfect for those that are interested in a more flexible return than investing directly into an individual project. With the added benefit of being able to invest through an ISA (UK tax residents only), your fixed return lifestyle corporate bond is a simple, tax-free investment opportunity.