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Shojin is an FCA-regulated fractional investing platform enabling global investors to build their wealth from UK-based real estate investment opportunities.
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Shojin continues to grow in Asia

The FCA-regulated investment platform that lowers the barriers to entry for individuals across the globe looking to access institutional-grade, UK-based real estate investment opportunities, has seen a 35% increase in investments from Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan in 2022.

Operating in an online real estate investment market forecast to grow from $15bn to $800bn by 2027, Shojin’s platform is designed to make property investment simple, lucrative and accessible to a broader range of investors by leveraging technology to remove traditional barriers.
The Shojin platform enables fractional investing in real estate developments while providing middle-market developers with a consistent and trusted source of junior finance, primarily focusing on UK residential, PRS (private rented sector), senior and student accommodation projects ranging in value between £10m - £80m.

“UK property ticks all the right boxes for foreign investment, particularly for investors that have seen the value of their investments in Asia’s stock markets plummet this year,’ said Jimmy Leung, CEO of Shojin Asia.

“We are seeing significant growth from Hong Kong, Singaporean family offices and private funds, new money and old money, investing in every aspect of the UK property market from residential (PRS), student accommodation (PBSA), warehousing and hotels.”

By identifying attractive opportunities backed by the highest levels of due diligence, Shojin offers investors an alternative way to invest in bricks and mortar – striving to deliver returns superior to those available elsewhere – from a low investment entry point.

Typically, such institutional-grade property deals are only accessible to the top 1% of the world’s population, who control 45% of global wealth. Shojin enables global investors to access this market from as little as £5,000.

With an investor base spanning more than 50 countries, Shojin prides itself on its unique co-investment model. By investing its own capital into every project alongside its investors, all profits are shared upon completion of the project rather than taking large upfront and management fees, creating a perfect alignment of interest. It has offices in Hong Kong, East Africa, and joint venture partnerships with real estate investment platforms in the UAE, India, and Israel, and others launching this year.

Jatin Ondhia, Co-Founder and CEO of Shojin, will be speaking at the Hubbis Investment Solutions Forum taking place at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Singapore on Wednesday 14th September. For further information email 

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1. More opportunity
No management fees. Smaller sums to take part. Lowered barriers for access.
2. Shared risk
Shojin puts own funds into projects.We share in the risk and rewards together
3. Knowledge
We use our thorough due diligence and expertise to ensure the best outcome – and you’re not left out the loop.
4. Wealth
You get paid out before we do. You’remore likely to gain higher returns than traditional, inflexible investing routes.