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Project launch: West Hampstead, London

Invest in the dynamic London real estate market with this attractive opportunity in West Hampstead.

Investors will part fund the development of penthouse apartments, a scheme which combines the expertise of a seasoned developer, a strategic location, and a secure loan structure. Watch the video below to discover the benefits of this location and gain some insight into the developer's approach. 





The award-winning developer brings over 40 years of experience, building a reputation for rooftop developments that has been highlighted in both the Wall Street Journal and Financial Times. Previous successful projects they’ve undertaken, predominantly in prime locations, have a combined GDV exceeding £200m. 


This development, atop the contemporary Beaufort Court building, holds planning permission for 16 luxury apartments. Located in the West Hampstead neighbourhood and benefitting from an abundance of upscale shops and restaurants, in addition to scenic green spaces.


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