Enjoy unrivalled returns and total transparency on your investments with Shojin’s Property Co-Investment Model. By choosing between a range of projects with different risk profiles and timescales, backed by a team of property experts, you have the opportunity to access the property market with unmatched clarity and simplicity.

Shojin’s Co-Investment Model

Traditionally, investing in large scale development projects or buy-to-let opportunities could only be accessed with a very high minimum investment amount, but with Shojin, you can invest from £5,000 and continue to enjoy a diverse portfolio.

We co-invest our own funds with you in every project. Likewise, we only profit when the project is successful. This means that our interests are always aligned. Our confidence in our ability to drive returns stems from both an extensive due diligence process and experience of the property market.

Shojin Investor Portal

By leveraging the Shojin Investor Portal and our extensive network of financial brokers, asset managers and developers – we can offer investors a range of property and property related investments across the risk spectrum.

0% management fee

We believe in aligning our interests with those of our investors. We charge no management fees but instead share the profits with investors. Typically, Shojin will take 20% of any profits. We think this is fairer than taking large upfront fees. The returns you see on our website are always shown after our profit share has been taken. To help cover some of the transaction costs, we charge an initial administration fee equivalent to 2% of investor funds. This is charged to the project so all 100% of your funds are actually invested and working for you.

Extensive due diligence

Since our interests are aligned, it is important that we present you with only the most attractive investment opportunities. We ensure every project goes through our multiple stages of due diligence and we present only the projects that meet our stringent criteria.

History of success

The team has a strong track record of investing in property across the UK. You can now also invest along with us and share in the profits.