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Shojin opens the door to new ways to invest in property, giving investors access to lucrative opportunities which were previously out of reach.

By using our deep knowledge and experience of the UK property development and asset management sectors, we find and match the opportunity to the investor.

We bring together an expert community of property professionals, investors and developers whose shared experience and commitment enable them to unlock unrivalled co-investment opportunities.

The opportunities we pursue are backed by the highest levels of due diligence and we only ever present projects that we invest in ourselves.

Latest insights


Why might avoiding risk be costing you more than you think?

by Igor Gorbatsevich

This article explores the issue of risk-aversion in terms of investment decisions. Specifically, what is risk-aversion; why is it sometimes a useful device; and why can it sometimes preclude us from taking great opportunities?


What does the recent uptick in inflation mean for UK real estate investments?

by Igor Gorbatsevich

Read Shojin's latest blog to discover what the recent hike in inflation means for your portfolio and how you can 'out-run' the rising prices with access to property investment.

Investing, Technology

Why real estate crowdfunding is the future of property investment

by Igor Gorbatsevich

We wind the clock back to explore how real estate crowdfunding originated; we talk about its benefits, and why the future is extremely bright for an industry that knocks down the old elitist barriers surrounding property investing and democratises the process for everybody.