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Shojin is an FCA-regulated real estate investment platform opening the door to new ways to invest in property, giving investors access to lucrative opportunities which were previously out of reach.

By using our deep knowledge and experience of the UK property development and asset management sectors, we find and match the opportunity to the investor.

We bring together an expert community of property professionals, investors and developers whose shared experience and commitment enable them to unlock unrivalled co-investment opportunities.

The opportunities we pursue are backed by the highest levels of due diligence and we only ever present projects that we invest in ourselves.

Use your ISA allowance before

5th April

The Shojin IFISA

An Innovative Finance ISA, or IFISA, lets you invest in lending platforms
and receive interest tax-free. You can now transfer any existing ISAs and
invest up to £20,000 in the 2022/23 tax year into Shojin projects and
benefit from tax savings on any returns you receive.

Investing through a Shojin IFISA is a great way of diversifying your
investment strategy and taking advantage of tax incentives which helps
you grow your capital.

Setting up your Shojin IFISA through our platform is quick, simple
and free.

Tax-free returns

Invest your full 2022/23 ISA allowance of £20,000 and
enjoy tax-free returns.

Easy to transfer

Transferring any existing ISAs into Shojin projects is straightforward
and quick.

No fees

It is completely free to open an Innovative Finance ISA with Shojin.

Grow your wealth with us

The global online real estate investment market is expected to increase 50X from $15bn to $800bn by 2027. Shojin is an established, FCA regulated online investment platform experiencing huge growth in this sector. Invest in Shojin’s Corporate Fundraise - final tranche - today.


What our investors say

The investment process

1 Register Your Account

an investor account on the Shojin Investor Portal in just a few minutes. Invest
as an individual or through a company or trust. Set personalised preferences
for product type, timelines and risk profile.
5 Browse Opportunities

Explore information for each offering including location, project financials, market summary, and the developer’s track record; find investments that match your specific goals and risk preferences.

5 Invest and build your portfolio

Invest through Shojin’s Investor Portal in a matter of minutes and start building your bespoke diversified portfolio today. Shojin offers a 5% pa holding interest for funds that have not yet been drawn down to the project – so they will accrue interest between investment and completion day. This way your funds will never sit idle.

5 Stay updated and earn returns

Stay in control at all times with the Shojin Investor Portal. Monitor the performance of your investments and easily access documents via your personalised dashboard. We’ll transfer interest and earnings to your online Shojin wallet.

5 Reinvest

Take your earnings and reinvest them into future offerings to compound your returns.

Latest insights


Asset allocation + portfolio diversification


No single topic has led to more ink being spilled in financial journals and textbooks than diversification. So, what exactly does it mean to diversify your portfolio?

Investing, Shojin

Israel joint venture partnership launched


The partnership with Realty Bundles in Israel will help to secure real estate investment opportunities for Shojin, as it extends international presence.


Stretch your funding further with Shojin


Shojin specialises in creating flexible junior funding solutions for mid-market real estate projects enabling developers to take on larger projects and enhance returns on capital.

Property Market, Investing

We love Leicester


Shojin has launched exciting Private Rental Sector and Purpose-Built Student Accommodation investment opportunities in Leicester. 

Investing, Shojin

Shojin launches secondary market


The launch of the secondary market allows investors in Shojin’s projects to sell their stake to prospective investors, who will be able to access the market from as little as £75.


Shojin launches joint venture partnership in India


The partnership with Myre Capital in India will help to secure real estate investment opportunities for Shojin as it extends international presence.

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