Discover the Shojin Investor Portal

From sourcing, conducting extensive due diligence and managing the perfect opportunities to keeping you informed every step of the way – our property management experts enable you to access the property market easily. With our market-leading Shojin Investor Portal, you have access to the progress of your investment at all times.

The investment cycle


Our property management experts assess real estate investment opportunities, examining new areas and sectors that offer potential for unrivalled returns. We use an extensive, trusted network of estate agents, finance brokers, asset managers and developers.

Due diligence

We conduct thorough due diligence on each opportunity, assessing a project’s feasibility, financials and the developer’s track record. Only the projects which meet our strict criteria are selected.

Financial and legal structuring

Our property management experts optimise the financial structuring and ensure that the project legal agreements formed with the developer fully protect investors.


Investments which meet our strict investment criteria are presented to our investor community. These are funded through a mixture of investors, bank debt, the borrower and co-investment from Shojin Property Partners. If, for any reason, a fund raise is not complete to the allocated timescale, Shojin will underwrite deals. This means Shojin will accept liability for the risk and use its own funds until the target has been reached.

Project monitoring

We oversee the investments to ensure that all milestones are achieved and that they are within budget and on time. We have the legal right, expertise and resources in house to step in and bring projects back on track if necessary.

Regular reporting

Investors can log into the Shojin Investor Portal to access information about their investment at any time. We also produce quarterly reports to provide investors with full visibility and transparency.

Profit distribution

Profits are distributed either throughout the investment or upon its conclusion after all the units are sold. Our goal is to get your capital and profits back to you as quickly as possible for you to reuse in your next project or to enjoy as part of your lifestyle. 

The investment process

1 Register Your Account

Create an investor account on the Shojin Investor Portal in just a few minutes. Invest as an individual or through a company or trust. Set personalised preferences for product type, timelines and risk profile.

5 Browse Opportunities

Explore information for each offering including location, project financials, market summary, and the developer’s track record; find investments that match your specific goals and risk preferences.

5 Invest and build your portfolio

Invest through Shojin’s Investor Portal in a matter of minutes and start building your bespoke diversified portfolio today.

5 Stay updated and earn returns

Stay in control at all times with the Shojin Investor Portal. Monitor the performance of your investments and easily access documents via your personalised dashboard. We’ll transfer interest and earnings to your online Shojin wallet.

5 Reinvest

Take your earnings and reinvest them into future offerings to compound your returns.