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About Shojin

Who is Shojin?
How is Shojin different from others?
What does Shojin stand for?
How do Shojin investments work?


Why do you classify what type of investor I am?
Why do you need my personal information to make an investment?
Can I invest if I reside outside of the UK?

Investing with Shojin

What is the minimum investment amount?
What is the length of an investment?
Can I get my investment back at any time?
What happens if the target funding amount is not met?
What is an SPV?
How often will I receive project updates?
Do you accept ISA funds?

Investment process

How can I make an investment?
When will my investment start earning returns?
How do I get my funds back?
Can I invest in a company name or other legal entity?
How do bank transfers work?
How do I top up my wallets?
Can I cancel my investment?


What are the risks associated with investing in these types of projects?
Is Shojin regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)?
Is my investment protected by the FSCS deposit guarantee scheme?
Where are the funds held during the funding process?
What rights do I have as a shareholder?
What happens if Shojin ceases to exist or falls into financial distress?


How does Shojin make its money?
Do you charge payment transaction fees?


What is an Innovative Finance ISA?
How does the Shojin IFISA work?
Who can subscribe to an IFISA with Shojin?
How can I set up my Shojin IFISA?
How do I fund my Shojin IFISA?
How can I open a new ISA using my annual allowance?
How can I transfer my existing ISAs in?
Can I transfer part of my existing ISA?
Are there any amount limits for transfer-ins?
What is the ISA allowance?
When is the tax year?
Can I have more than one ISA?
What fees does Shojin charge for the IFISA?
What happens to my IFISA funds at the end of an investment?
What happens if I pay too much into my IFISA?


Can I Invest via my Pension?
Are Shojin Property Partners’ projects SIPP eligible?
What is a SIPP?
What is a SSAS?
What is the process to invest via my pension?
How can I invest via a SSAS?