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To help educate existing and new investors, every month Shojin hosts a popular Property Investing Masterclass via Zoom and also live-streams to its LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages.

March Masterclass
The March Masterclass - 'Grow your wealth through property' - covered how investors can make returns in excess of 10% annually from real estate investing. The webinar included: 

- Wealthy inequality - Mainstream investment inefficiencies  - Alternative investments - Property investment options  - Online property investment products  - The capital stack (Future Masterclass) - Property investment sectors - Online investment platforms  - Specific risk factors  - Example completed projects - Example live project 

If you couldn't make the webinar, or would like to watch the replay video, click here >

April Masterclass
The April Masterclass - 'Maximising profit from real estate' - covered how the capital stack impacts risk and returns on real estate development projects. The webinar included: 

- What is the capital stack and its components  - Drawdowns, ratios and risk management  - Mid-market developer opportunities - Optimising the capital stack for returns  - The capital stack in practice  

If you couldn't make the webinar, or would like to watch the replay video, click here >

May Masterclass
The May Masterclass takes place on Thursday 26th May at 1pm GMT, 16.00 UAE, 17.30 India and 20,00 HK.  

This will be about 'Trading real estate investments online' and how secondary real estate markets work, covering:

- Fractional real estate investing
- What is the secondary market?
- How does it work?
- How to sell?
- How to buy?

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